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Some rather nasty bugs
Posted by: Josh Johnson
Date: February 07, 2001 02:41PM

Hello. I'd like to start by saying that for the most part, I really like this browser. It obviously took a lot of time and effort to build it this far. But I have found some extremly nasty little bugs that make it quite difficult to use this version.

You see, I'm a freelance webmaster, so a large part of my job involves checking and rechecking sites. Hitting the "Back Button" a lot, going back and forth between HTML and FTP sites, but wehn I tried to do these things in this browser, some very od things happened.

For starters, this browser wouldn't load an FTP site at all. It said "Loading", but then came up with a combination of the last page viewed, and a blank screen. The combo-page it created didn't work at all.

Another problem occurs when I hit the "Back Button" on any type of page other then HTML. I tried this with a PHP page and it showed some awful string of error messeges.

And the last thing I can think of is site rendering. I own a comedy site, and when I first viewed my site in K-Meleon, text was un-wrapped, pictures came out in the wrong positions, and everything just seemed, well, wrong. The site of course shows up correctly in the two major browsers, and a few others, but this one just mutilated it.

As I type I also notice some flaws while typing in this forum, but that could very well be the script here, not the browser.

The rest of my problems involve just things that aren't there, not bugs (Like not being able to change homepages, not being able to use standard hotkeys, etcetera) And I understand how not every perk could be added this early in production.

Again, I do really like the browser thus-far, and am looking forward to later, less-buggy versions that I might be able to use in my work.

Josh Johnson

PS: This forum has more then one flaw in just the forum itself, you might want to look over it's script.

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