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Is K-Melon ready for Prime Time yet?
Posted by: Lauran
Date: January 20, 2001 03:28PM

I am ready for a new browser.... after reading some of the posts in this forum, I'm not sure K-Melon is the best choice. How are you all finding the newest release? Stable? Buggy?

Please advise.



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RE: Is K-Melon ready for Prime Time yet?
Posted by: Duncan McQueen
Date: January 20, 2001 10:21PM

It isn't, yet. It needs more updates...especially in relation to using the latest Mozilla. Once Mozilla stablizes more, so will K-Meleon.

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RE: Is K-Melon ready for Prime Time yet?
Posted by: TCB
Date: January 20, 2001 11:15PM

No, kmeleon certainly isn't ready for prime time, but the biggest limitation is kmeleon (it's coming, it just needs a few e active developers) Embedded mozilla still has a few problems, but the features lacking in kmeleon (cookies, saving files, editing pages, bookmarks) aren't mozilla related.

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RE: Is K-Melon ready for Prime Time yet?
Posted by: Dougj
Date: March 06, 2001 07:02AM

No K-Meleon is not ready for prime time........... It's a toy, but it's broken right out of the box.

This thing is fun (because it isn't IE or Netscape), but it is pretty usless for anything but browsing (which, by the way is what we all knew, if we read, before we installed it).
IE is the best all around browser in this universe (Netscape is dead). About 80% of the world is using IE (maybe more), because it works. I think the new browsers keep proving the validity of IE. Version 3.0 of K-Meleon was so dissappointing to me, I reinstalled 2.1.
K-Meleon has great potential in the future, if it's put together thoughtfully, and not designed on-the-fly. You folks building this thing know what a browser needs to do, and how to make one perform. Quit playing around and kick IE's ass (Bill Gates would love you for it).

Nuf said............. If you want an IE like browser that really flies, around supersonic speed, then I suggest trying a relatively new entry that I just found and downloaded.
It is faster than K-Meleon, and much more functional.

Try http://enigmabrowser.com , it's not an IE wrapper, but is based on their engine.
It is compatible with IE, Netscape, and Opera (believe all that?). Version 3.6 is free, without advertising or spyware. Version 4.4T gold is available as a 30 day trial.
Version 4.5 gold is $20 (I think). Any way this thing runs so smooth and fast, it makes Opera look like it's in "granny gear". Enigma is not perfect either, but neither are the BIG two.

I'll give K-Meleon 6 more months, and then I'll bet it will be a viable contender as a web browser. No browser will ever be perfect. Keep up the struggle kids, you are off to a good start................

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