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Posted by: Vipyr
Date: December 15, 2000 02:22PM

after installing this wanna be browswer, I clicked on the icon to start it up, and low and behold, I get a LSPCS.DLL ERROR message, and the browser wont even load. It figures, I knew better than to try some unknown second hand browser that does not have a clue how to work. And by the way, its not just my system. I have 4 computers here, and it does the same thing on all 4 of them.
The programmers of this browser should be fired for such terrible work.

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Posted by:
Date: December 15, 2000 06:44PM

The programmer of this terrrible second hand browser cannot be fired because they aren't hired and not payed to write this browser.
I don't know on which system you are trying to install it, works flawlessly on the first install on my Win 98 machine.

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