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Will not Un-install
Posted by: JohnK
Date: December 12, 2000 01:46AM

Really poor, poor application.
Installed standard.
Opened a web page, so far so good.
Closed browser. Would not re-open, unless you reboot PC.
Tried to un-install, says the program did not exist, of course it still there.
Does anybody know how to manually un-install this way not ready for prime time application.

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RE: Will not Un-install
Posted by: jeff
Date: December 21, 2000 06:14AM

Ready for prime-time? No. It is still beta, but it's a nice start, me thinks.

As for the unintall part, I had the same problem. Even re-installed over the install, but no go. I just deleted the install folder, then searched through the registry for anything related to "Mozilla" (use caution AND common sense), and it's more or less outta there.
Like I said, a great start, and If I could code worth anything, I'd love to help out. But, I'm hoping for a little more stability before I seriously start using it.

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