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Toolbar oddness
Posted by: Dave Salovesh
Date: August 30, 2000 03:03PM

I don't know if it's a bug or a feature (really!), but it's certainly not what I expect:

I move all my toolbars to the same line, to save screen space. When I single-click on the grabber of the leftmost toolbar (usually it's the "Toolbar" toolbar, but it doesn't matter which), the rightmost toolbar slides all the way over to the right. Another click and it slides all the way to the left (over whatever other toolbars are already there). Another click and it moves back where it started.

Weird to me, but I think I like it. Even so, if it's unintentional I suppose there's a chance it happens for a Bad Reason, and someone who could actually do something for it might want to know what I see.

Or not. Whatever. Thanks.

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RE: Toolbar oddness
Posted by: Dass Booty
Date: October 15, 2000 04:44AM

Yep mine does the same thing and the address bar does it too. I like it. You can click and hold the links/address bar to move it up or down left or right too but i think you proberly all ready know that. {:o)

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