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No Right Click
Posted by: Julius X
Date: August 22, 2000 12:02PM

There doesn't seem to be a right click menu inside of the browser window....I thought Gecko had one, but of course I may be in err. However, the fact that it isnt there, and that there seem to be no keyboard browsing shortcuts seriously hinder the way I browse.

Otherwise, I'd say it's fantastic....you actually managed to create a browser FASTER than IE5 on my system under Win2000.

-Julius X

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RE: No Right Click
Posted by: RedMak
Date: August 22, 2000 12:06PM

You can edit the keyboard functions in View => customize => keyboard

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RE: No Right Click
Posted by: Deslock
Date: August 22, 2000 06:42PM

I can assign a shortcut to Open New Window, but it doesn't work and is greyed out in the File Pull-Down-Menu. ny ideas how to enable it?

- Thanks

P.S. This program rocks... am using it right now.

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RE: No Right Click
Posted by: scratch
Date: August 24, 2000 01:07AM

Keyboard settings aren't saving for me. I change them, then close out of the dialog box, and when I go back they are gone. Is there some save button I'm missing somewhere or is this a bug?

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