Gmail & K-meleon
Posted by: Chris
Date: September 18, 2013 04:21AM

Hi to all,

I discovered K-meleon 1 week ago and I've used different versions.
I'm using the 1.7 db+.
This version is not working with gmail interface.
I'm able to see mail but when I click on Calendar, nothing happend and this is is the same if I click on other menu items of gmail.
Is there a a parameter to change in K-meleon ??

Thank you for your great work, I'm looking for a browser that is not using too much memory and K-meleon is the best I've found on the web, fast and not using too much ram.



Re: Gmail & K-meleon
Posted by: Chris
Date: September 19, 2013 05:23AM


I've found that the problem was coming because the "block popup" was active.
Now it's working.



Re: Gmail & K-meleon
Posted by: rodocop
Date: September 19, 2013 07:08AM

Welcome, Chris!

K-Meleon is really lightest among browsers now. It's slightly outdated but does its job fine in most cases.
Happy to see you've found the solution for yours.

Try K-Meleon-1.6db+NS by dugbug // KM-16-S2014 by Fred // 1.6beta2.6 by JamesD

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