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How to download files, movies with K-Meleon.
Posted by: Elena
Date: June 11, 2013 05:49PM

How to download files, movies with K-Meleon.
Is there a plugin for the browser K-Meleon ?

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Re: How to download files, movies with K-Meleon.
Posted by: rodocop
Date: June 11, 2013 09:09PM

What do you mean exactly, Elena?

1. Speaking about saving embedded content like Youtube videos or streaming audio - there are a number of avaialble tools for KM:
  • extensions from KM Extensions Central - some of them became outdated but I still recommend Youtube Services and Content Downloader.
    First adds save video links panel with direct links to any Youtube page you'll visit while the second (working from context menu on the page) opens online tool to save any embedded content.
  • Also I have to point you to ClipNabber extension from the same source. It can handle a lot of different video sites (read there the last item of the list).
    NB! ClipNabber service requires the newest possible Java installed on your PC.
  • I've update one of the outdated (thus not working properly) extensions to operate with another popular service - KeepVid. So you can get a brand new KeepVid Video Saver here on forum
    It also requires Java in order to work.
  • Also you can download only audio track from the Youtube using the MP3downloader, created by our comrade Merlin.
  • And at last I have to say that the easiest (as for me) way to save something is to use 'bookmarklets' (javascript-written executable bookmarks) which sometime have all functionality of extensions and more straightforward learning curve.
    You just need to add them to your bookmarks and run them where you need them (simply by selecting them from Bookmarks Menu like usual Bookmarks).
    So my K-Meleon Twin has good set of useful bookmarklets right in the Bookmarks Toolbar. Some of them are PwnYouTube, making the same that Youtube Services (cause the latter simply uses power of that js-tool) and KeepIt! that is more convenient frontend to KeepVid, that doesn't need installed Java!

    So you can surf to KeepVid.com, look for this button

    right-click on it and choose 'Add Link to Bookmarks' (do not follow the on-button instruction - this doesn't work in K-Meleon!)

    The same way you can add PwnYouTube from this page

2. Speaking about saving big files from 'open' links you may want a tool to control such downloads (pause, resume, speed up etc.) - that means you need Download Manager.

There are a lot of such tools out there - FlashGet, FreeDownloadManager, IDM and so on.
We have an extension oGet which helps to integrate almost any of them into K-Meleon.

Also there are numerous tools to integrate some particular DM's - look on this page.
These could add for you: Orbit, Orbit Grab (tool for downloading embedded content), FlashGet, FDM and more download managers... Try and choose what suites you needs better.

You may need KEM to have the easy way for extensions install.

But as you should know, extensions are simlpy 7z-archives, which could be installed by unpacking them into K-Meleon folder.

Try K-Meleon-1.6db+NS by dugbug // KM-16-S2014 by Fred // 1.6beta2.6 by JamesD

K-Meleon Twin+ Download for modern browsers =//= Download for old ones =//= Discuss it!!!

New KM74 for test and feedback! Get it there!

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