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Posted by: LiS
Date: April 28, 2013 06:21PM

I'm a new k-meleon user. I want to book a flight with ryanair but it doesn't show the page properly after typing in start/destiny and dates. Normally there should be opened a page asking for a code to type in to secure that I'm not an automatic programme, but this isn't shown. I only see a ryanair page with no content except links to FAQ etc. I already accepted cookies, java etc but it still won't work...
Thanks for any hints.

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Re: ryanair
Posted by: rodocop
Date: April 30, 2013 09:53PM

If you are a new user - why use old version? :-)

Look: KM site is outdated - the only live part is community (forum). So the 'official release' is very old and unsupported version 1.5.4.

Try to use last builds like 1.6 beta or 1.7a.

Or simply take one of assemblies from my signature - and use it portable (just unpack in any new folder) alongside with current version.

In my K-Meleon Twin+ Ryanair site works properly.

Try K-Meleon-1.6db+NS by dugbug // KM-16-S2014 by Fred // 1.6beta2.6 by JamesD

K-Meleon Twin+ Download for modern browsers =//= Download for old ones =//= Discuss it!!!

Latest Release KM74.0 Latest beta KM75beta3 Latest Candidate KM75 RC

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