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iframe login creates 404
Posted by: gordon451
Date: October 08, 2011 04:07PM

This behaviour only happens with K-M 1.6.0b2. It doesn't happen with 1.5.4, QtWeb, or Opera 11.51. I didn't bother with IE6 tongue sticking out smiley

Because I don't expect anybody to have an account with Virgin Mobile AU http://www.virginmobile.com.au/, I've provided page listings EmailUs, AreYouCustomer, LogIn, FourOhFour as text files, plus s_CodeJS which is used by everything except FourOhFour.

OK. What happens is, on the "EmailUs" page, there is an iframe which does all the work. It calls a secure (HTTPS) page "Are you already a Virgin Broadband or Virgin Mobile Customer?" (Above the iframe there is a "Log In" prompt which appears at mid-upper right under the main banners, which I ignore for this excercise.) Click on the "YES", and be transported to the "Log In" iframe which uses a METHOD="POST". A successful login should give me a new iframe where I can work. However, in 1.6.0, it generates a 404 error in the iframe as displayed in "FourOhFour.txt". I noticed that while the "Log In" iframe is supposed to call <.virginmobile.com.au/selfcare/rightnow/isExistingMBCustomer.jsp>, it actually calls <.virginmobile.com.au/selfcare/SessionServlet/LogoutLogin>, with the 404 message.

Here's the interesting bit. If I open the initial (AreYouCustomer) iframe in a new tab, everything works perfectly!

Can anybody give me a clue what's going on? Please?


W7HPx64, K-Meleon 1.6.0b2 & b2.5, Opera 12.01, IE9x32, IE9x64
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