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Can't login!
Posted by: esebless
Date: May 10, 2011 10:50PM

I was trying to login into myspace.com but I could't and I got this error message "Domain Name Mismatch" say " you have attempted to establish a connection with <lads.myspace.com>, However the security certificate presented belongd to <a248.e.akamai.net>, It is possible, though unlikely, that someone maybe trying to intercept your communication with this website" please can someone exaplain this to me and why I can't login into myspace account on K-Meleon browser.....

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Re: Can't login!
Posted by: guenter
Date: May 11, 2011 08:41AM

K-Meleon Version?

Bug reporting procedure.

In this "K-Meleon Bugs" forum You describe the exact procedure/recipe to repeat an error that comes from K-Meleon.

The bug becomes a confirmed bug when others can repeat Your recipe on their PCs. If not the bug stays unconfirmed and nothing is done.

If a bug is confirmed a dev may try to fix it - if he has time.

The bug must be a K-Meleon bug and not a site bug like bad html, CSS or JavaScript. Else You post it in General as question: how to avoid this site bug.
You can usually get support answers much faster in the General Forum. So You post there when You do not know for sure. If it turns out to be a bug a moderator can move it. They have nothing else to do. tongue sticking out smiley

This bug is however probably not a K-Meleon bug.

Myspace did not store the certificate on their own server = a Myspace bug.

Try to add the exception to K-Meleon's exception list.
If this fails (and only then) this is also a K-Meleon bug.


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