Win7 KM 1.6.0a4 - Bookmark button bug?
Posted by: Mr. Cooper
Date: June 22, 2010 09:51PM

I don't know if this is confined to KM 1.6.0a4 or Windows 7 as I'm running both. ;)

I never really used bookmarks much before. But now I am. I added the bookmark toolbar, and set up some bookmarks and folders. Good so far. Then I click on a folder, and its menu comes down. Good. I mouse to the left over the Bookmark menu button, and it opens the Zoom Buttons menu instead! Not good. I don't have the zoom toolbar enabled, not that it matters. If I click directly on the bookmark menu button it behaves as normal, but when I move to the right, over my bookmark menu, it doesn't "follow" - it just stays with the bookmark menu selected.

I'm not sure what "proper" behaviour is supposed to be - whether you should be able to navigate between bookmark folders and bookmark menu button or not, but either way it's not being consistent. tongue sticking out smiley

Anyone else experience this?

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Re: Win7 KM 1.6.0a4 - Bookmark button bug?
Posted by: siria
Date: June 23, 2010 01:36AM

Cannot quite follow the details, but recently had a little prob that could be the same perhaps? If you click View > Toolbars and flip that up, works that okay for you...?

By the way be very careful with "bookmarks" and backup that file often! It seems to have a real bug with folder changes, can delete the contents... What did you use so far - favorites?

Re: Win7 KM 1.6.0a4 - Bookmark button bug?
Posted by: desga2
Date: June 23, 2010 02:55AM

Sorry Mr. Cooper,
I don't understand you, or I can't reproduce your problem in WinXP SP3.
Can you explain it with more detail, step by step or attached some image?

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Re: Win7 KM 1.6.0a4 - Bookmark button bug?
Posted by: Mr. Cooper
Date: June 23, 2010 07:27AM

Siria: I'm using Bookmarks.

Desga2: Umm... It's not reproducing now. It was similar to navigating any Windows menu. For example, you can click on File and then mouse over to Edit, and the Edit menu expans instead of File. The same thing was happening between a bookmark folder and the bookmark button itself (not the &Bookmarks menu - the toolbar). If I mouse off the folder, it will expand other folders I mouse over, but nothing else. This seems to be working properly now. Weird. I'll post with pics if it goes nuts again.

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