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Google Maps - MapQuest Maps
Posted by: bigD
Date: February 08, 2009 04:48PM

I frequently visit both...

MapQuest and Google Maps

and some other websites that have location/driving direction
maps (from the above web sites)... built into their home page.

The problem is... neither web site is displaying
their maps... in their entirety when I use K-Meleon.

I'm inclined to think that the problem is some how
related to... the built-in AdBlock list.

But I'm not sure which item to remove from the list
to solve the above problem.

The reason I'm not sure is because...
a) viewing the source code for the maps doesn't reveal the
"source" of the missing images.
b) right-clicking the maps only provides a context menu.

Sure would be nice if K-Meleon had a user interface to deal
with the AdBlock list in an easy way... like Firefox does.

That way the user would only be exposed to and have to deal
with the actual URL and not the coding that has to go with
it (the user interface would deal with adding the right code).

I suppose I could completely empty the list and slowly
(but painfully) add them back in one at a time as I come
across ads that affect my web surfing.

But that's going to be alot of trouble and with my luck...
I'll screw something else up, because it was using the list
and I don't have (whatever it was using) put back in the list.

As Always... any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Google Maps - MapQuest Maps
Posted by: bigD
Date: February 09, 2009 02:05AM

Problem solved. smiling smiley

It turned out not to be an AdBlock list problem.

This helpful tip should (in my opinion) be
included in the documentation and/or FAQ.

Some sites such as MapQuest and Google Maps
(and even right here in this forum)
NEED to be able to manipulate images.

If you know the web site is trustworthy
(such as the three sites I mention above)
you can do the following and the setting takes
effect immediately (meaning: no need to exit
and restart)

Edit -> Preference -> Javascript
Under: Content Manipulation
Uncheck: Disallow scripts to change images
Click: Close

Then go ahead and visit the web site.
Just be aware that any other tabs/windows
you might have open (at the moment)...
are affected by the changed setting also.

When you are done visiting the web site...
you can simply put the check-mark back for
Disallow scripts to change images and
you'll be semi-safe from rollover images


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