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K-Meleon L10n in Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)
Posted by: abev66
Date: September 11, 2008 10:15PM

Hello, we have made a Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) version of K-Meleon and I also created a team to translate the K-Meleon Program and documents.
We want to provide not only Chinese Traditional version of K-Meleon but a whole Chinese Tradidtional website including Chinese Documents, our own forum and others.
We had a preliminary website now. It includes a new forum, a Chinese Traditional Version of K-Meleon 1.5.0 and a part of documents.
So is it possible to let us become "official" Chinese Traditional(Taiwan) Localization Team? (just like Mozilla Taiwan)

- K-Meleon unofficial Chinese Traditional Website :
- MozTW (Mozilla Taiwan) :

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Re: K-Meleon L10n in Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)
Posted by: guenter
Date: September 12, 2008 02:41AM

AFAIK the first maker(s) of the identical translation of the official K-Meleon version is regarded as the "official owner" for as long as he makes the future translations into that language or writing system(zh-TW).

Currently K-Meleon dev team hosts all official versions at SourceForge (& additionally they can be hosted at other places such as native home pages. K-Meleon is freeware smiling smiley ).

So an official 1.5.0.zh-TW will be hosted at SF and where You choose.

You can choose to have the central native pages here (like West Europeans) or in Your home country (like K-Meleon Russia / AFAIK also has a additional download location via their own pages).

Best contact kko for further info and upload if the translation is finished and identical with the official version. As far as I can see from the link both Chinese K-Meleons (zh-TW & zh-CN ) are nearly finished.

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