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Lost functionality in 1.5.
Posted by: desga2
Date: August 14, 2008 07:11PM

Read this thread about topic.

In 1.1.X not need this macro to open abouts pages in new layer instead new window because when you select the option "Use layers only (Open all new windows as layers)" in Advanced Preferences -> Browsing -> Layered Browsing, layers plugin show this abouts web pages in a new layer.
(This option modify the pref: kmeleon.plugins.layers.catchOpen)

Can be this functionality or option included in next release?
(Like "Use tabs only" pref: kmeleon.tabs.catchOpen)

- Other thing:
In this Macro Language Documentation and this other by kko.

You can read in setmenu( MENU_NAME, ITEM_TYPE [, LABEL [, COMMAND]] [, WHERE]); function:
(1) LABEL must be specified for all item types except "separator". If LABEL is an empty string, this is a deletion.

kko's documentation
(2) <itemName> must be specified for all values of <itemType> except separator. If <itemName> is an empty string, this is a deletion.

But i tried to delete the menu "KMAbout" in 1.1.X and 1.5 with this sentence in my macro and not works in any:

Am I doing something wrong?
Do misunderstood documentation and this does not serve to erase menus?


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