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yacy p2p search engine integration into K-Meleon
Posted by: suggestion
Date: July 31, 2008 04:38PM


each browser has a samll box for a keyword to search the web for that keyboard,
so a text box bar and a button to "find".

Can you implement this as well, but not a link+keyword to google, but to
the p2p search engine

which is a localhost java p2p deamon. which has 2 modi
a) only DHT exchange, that makes the search function in the p2p network
b) a spider to crawl websites on your local machine

By default users should habe modus a) on.
so they can enter a keyword and find websites on the network.

Users, which want to have a lot of urls each hour to avoid ISP spyiing
can activate the crawler and have some small bandidth dedicated.
try it here:

single public node (that would be one url, only the IP would be local host)

public portal

stats here:


http://www.metager.deas a big meta search engine portal is running as well a yacy node, see the options.

Please add the yacy deamon into the default K-Meleon installer
That is essential to hide personal surf behavoir in a long list of hourly automatically crawled urls.

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Re: yacy p2p search engine integration into K-Meleon
Posted by: kko
Date: July 31, 2008 05:12PM

You can easily add your own search engines in km. For the yacy daemon the URL would be "http://localhost:8080/yacysearch.html?search=";.

I see no reason to include this daemon by default - it's hardly of general interest. We had to include a lot of things...

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Re: yacy p2p search engine integration into K-Meleon
Posted by: chromer
Date: September 06, 2008 12:23PM

hi kko

google search releases its browser chrome. The point is not the browser, but google masterplan to have an interface to devliver the future applications behind it. This will come true, if the bandwith is soon available.

Already now each user get a unique ID and all search behaviour is sent to google by default.

Does kmeleon has not the philosophy to be the browser which the user controls?
I think that is as well essenial for search.

Why is search in a browser not in hardly of general interest?
I like the suggestion to have the deamon inside this browser, maybe a mod can be created? What other things you see to be included? search for browsing is not "any" idea for a browser. I maybe we can think about a mod of kmeleon?

would you support this? and what would the others say?

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