Rebar Menu Functionality
Posted by: Ben
Date: May 26, 2008 03:31PM

I've been trying to make my own menu-bar (ie style) on a C project, the best non MFC/WTL implementation I could finde it's the one in use by your project.
The benefit is obious when there are less than 500 lines of code in both rebar_menu.cpp and hot_tracking.cpp.
What I could not find is support for key navigation so im trying to make it work.
I've inserted my a WM_KEYDOWN filter on the MsgHook it goes ok but when I send WM_CANCELMODE the menu does not go away.
Has there been any improvement in this area ? I mean menu navigation support for the rebar_menu ?

Re: Rebar Menu Functionality
Posted by: Dorian
Date: May 27, 2008 12:37AM

Probably because you don't send wm_cancelmode to the correct window.
Last version in CVS has keyboard support.

Re: Rebar Menu Functionality
Posted by: Ben
Date: May 27, 2008 03:00AM

The new sources are sooo hot smiling smiley
It's the beauty of simplicity in it's most pure form.
Let me tank you a 100 times for this awesome update.

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