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Posted by: coso
Date: April 27, 2008 02:19PM

Hi. First of all, excuse my english. I've got an idea that can be very useful and perhaps good to implement it on k-meleon: that is, a web "map". Gonna explain it : when u load a page, previews of linked pages to the original one appears in a column or in a independent frame/window. This can be useful when you're searching for something specific that isn't only text (search using only text in internet nowadays is really desesperating sometimes, google, try, google, try, google, try...). Of course the "preview" could be enabled/disabled, and linked (for example, with a simple picture of an arrow) to the original page. It can be used to mark a more detailed historial too. In fact, it only will be a diagram / map of webs, (or like Vista preview of images, it can be this way too)

Another improvement can be a real zoom of the page, scaling images as well, and a pan option like autocad / iphone. For big pages it will be very useful, at least esthetic for the others, and it can break the nowadays limit of the browser width. I've got in mind a "continue web", where not only the URL typed are showed but too that linked with (at least preloaded), so when u got mouse near a link automatically it is preloaded and previewed next to the original page, so u really "navigate" throught internet.

Well, thanks for reading. For anything pls contact me :

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Re: Improvement
Posted by: JamesD
Date: April 27, 2008 04:14PM

@ coso

Let me take your request in reverse order. There is a choice of zoom methods for the zoom buttons. If you right click on a zoom button you can set the method to Full Page, Text Only, or Images only.

Web pages as displayed in KM, have properties that can be seen in new windows by right clicking on the page and picking Page Properties from the popup menu. We do not have a search for those properties or a preview, I think. That would be nice, but I don't have any idea how much coding would be required to make it happen. We have to make trade offs between features and remaining small and fast.

If you show the link properties for a page, you can then right click on a link to see the URL and you may open that link.

I hope this sheds a little light on this subject. Maybe others will have a better understanding of code that runs for these actions and can indicate if any improvement is possible.

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