Posted by: Twinpath
Date: October 28, 2007 09:36PM

Hi all,

I'm a new user of K-Meleon (1.0), I felt a real improvment of the speed but i'm a bit disappointed that the Flash parts of a site are hidden behind a white rectangle (that must be clicked...).
I hadn't this problem with Firefox.
Is there a solution ?

Thank you by advance.

Re: Flash
Posted by: guenter
Date: October 28, 2007 10:17PM

We are at 1.1 http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/download.php plus GRE update 1.12.

Can You give a link to sites not working as expected?

You have an extension installed or setting activated that is responsible for this behavior. Try with a new profile.

Re: Flash
Posted by: desga2
Date: October 28, 2007 11:01PM

You must try unable ad-blocker, or unable Flash blocker in:
F2 (Advanced Preferences) -> Page Display (section) -> Content Filters

K-Meleon in Spanish

Re: Flash
Posted by: ndebord
Date: November 01, 2007 03:49AM


I've often thought that a good place to add toggles is the privacy bar, so in addition to the current Flash Blocker that works on ads as they load, you could also do similar with AdBlock and NoScript.


Re: Flash
Posted by: fdshy
Date: January 02, 2008 10:44PM

Flash block is not working.
I home can use flash block and autoplay block.

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