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Tabs vs Layers
Posted by: Charlie
Date: September 03, 2007 05:24PM

I understand the next K-Meleon version will have true tabs. What differences should I expect with Tabs? I am currently using KM 1.1.2 with Layers with the settings to User.js described at on dialup and non-secure page loads are usually lighting fast (well, 1-3 seconds, anyway.)

Infact, it seems even sercure page loads may be a bit faster. Biggest example is with IE 6 it used to take 20-30 minutes just to pay my Bell South phone bill (when all said and done they'd through a DSL ad at me.) I'd have to wait for each peice of an image to slowly load. With KM the job takes 4-5 minutes.

So, are Tabs really going to make a big difference?


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Re: Tabs vs Layers
Posted by: kko
Date: September 03, 2007 06:42PM

Layers and tabs are just two different methods to allow what's commonly known as 'tabbed browsing'. Tabs tend to be more efficient (many tabs will occupy less resources than many layers) and more stable (tabs will be 'built-in', we won't need a sophisticated plugin anymore). But there's no difference in page loading speed - an updated Gecko engine will probably have a bigger effect.

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Thanks for the info.
Posted by: Charlie
Date: September 04, 2007 01:22AM


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