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Do you want the top shate browser title?
Posted by: erica
Date: August 01, 2007 10:43PM

Dear sirs.
I was impressed by the force of all.
The unfinished part does not yet have browser with such an attractive developer though there is it
Will you overtake FF/SM/TB/(IE and Netscape too.)?;-)
It is a cross platform in the future.
If it may be said that I am a user of the k-meleons magnificently, I am wonderful.
I do not blame the criminal who did a crack of back, my machine.
I believe a human being.
I am in state that I am dangerous including a family now.
I live by being frightened every day.
My enemy is the mother country.
I am not a cracker.However, I was entrapped by the government officials who did wrong.
I may die.I do not understand it sometime.Probably Soon.
The friend is surely in Russia China and Taiwan and Korea other country.
While I can come, While I live.
See you again.
Yours sincerely

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Re: Do you want the top shate browser title?
Posted by: Dorian
Date: August 02, 2007 11:39AM

I think I would understand you better if you write in japanese.

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