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Micro RSS by snuz2 kmm and manifest files
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 18, 2007 05:43PM

Relevance: Post New Micro RSS Reader that can be downloaded from snuz2's web page.

The attached file contains manifest and kmm and was posted as workaround for "smiley in macro problem" that was mentioned in the thread.

The files attached are intended to make use with newest k-meleon 1.1 possible.

The files

microrss.kmm goes to macros folder
microrss.manifest goes to chrome folder with the jar.

Shutdown and restart browser and loader(if You use the loader).

The Micro Reader will be just under the old Reader. All kmm can be selectively deactivated in Advanced Preferences Panel.

Note that only the mentioned k-meleon 1.1 version supports chrome mainfest so far.
How to proceed with older versions of 1.1 that have installed chrome text is desribed by snuz2 in the section how to prepare 1.02 chrome folder for the new Reader.

How to use with K-Meleon 1.02 versions is described in the docu that is part of the Readers download.

thx for reading my post

p. s. check all unknown download with virus scanners / this includes ones by me.
Dowload and post without any warranties.

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microrss v1.1
Posted by: snuz2
Date: April 04, 2007 06:50AM

Version 1.1 should work with the new beta as well as older KMeleon.

I am learning, it was a bad idea to put a link to the actual file on the I got to change everything. Here is a link to my homepage, from where you will be able to get the latest version:


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microrss v1.1
Posted by: snuz2
Date: April 08, 2007 08:36AM

I continue to learn:
1. My ISP changed, so I still need to repost my home page...
2. If I had logged into the forum, I could have just editted the previous post, I guess I didn't.


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