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Version for linux
Posted by: Smaja
Date: December 22, 2006 10:51AM

Will be K-Melon Linux version available in the future? It would be very good, because firefox is really slow on slow computers. And windows is a lot slower on old computers than linux with xfce.

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Re: Version for linux
Posted by: Fred
Date: December 22, 2006 04:20PM

A native Linux version is difficult to create, and will
probably not appear in the near future, but you can
try my browser variation for use with the Wine emulator.
I have just uploaded an improved second version to a couple of hours ago, that should
work with most Linux distros. I use it with wine-0.9.15 ,
but depending on your Linux, other versions may work
even better (or could also be not as good).
You can download a wine version especially made for the
architecture of your distro, as a .deb , .rpm or Slax
package, or else as a source to compile it yourself from :
Read the user guide there at :
and my notes at the other thread in the General Forum at :,69436
There you will also find the download links for the
browser variation K-Meleon-Linux-usable-1.8.1-v2
as a zip or as a tarball.
Good luck

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Re: Version for linux
Posted by: Lucian
Date: January 02, 2007 05:24AM

You should try Epiphany on Linux

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Re: Version for linux
Posted by: guenter
Date: January 05, 2007 06:57AM

You should try Epiphany on Linux

which is a Galeon with reduced functions. Galeon is AFAIK quite performant because he uses a surface that is created from GTK-2 instead of XUL.

But this is beside the point. K-Meleon is not only based on the windows toolkits or the native widget surface for higher speed. K-Meleon's advanced out of the box features come with a reduced speed (!) yet are faster compared to FF.
One main aspect are the macros that create the features - the other is speed.
For unadulterated, featureless speed see mfcembed.exe.

To get an advanced macros system similar to k-m's while using Linux look at:


But this is besides the point again - to get a K-Meleon - whose merrits are well
known here: - best ( and published some ages ago in this forum ) link a k-meleon
against wine (or better the original windows dlls) and have a look then ;-)

p. s. original idea by Monkee-Sage posted under Mozi-Meleon or so & burried deep in forum past; AsfarasIremember;-); i do not pretend to know what these anciants talked about.

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