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didnt want it to happen quite like this
Posted by: jsabarese
Date: December 01, 2006 07:19AM

I started out by coming here to rave about how cool it is to be able to use K-Meleon on Linux (Fedora Core 5), but as i was looking for a few things in between (like trying to figure out if i had a previous user name... thought i did but gave up looking ;)
i ended up becomming frustrated-- with i think it is the performance of this forum in particular (didn't check w/ another browser... sorry. i can later if someone wants me to)-- but i don't have any of the javascript blocking on -- unless it's on by default... not sure if that would matter here anyway?

as i recall now from XP, the toolbars are a little touchy, but w/out touching them they seem to be-- in honor of George Costanza, "experiencing shrinkage". ie. they have all gone into one 'bar' / one 'row'.

regardless of all of that, i'm still excited about getting back on K-meleon-- it's just got such a darn quick lauch-time. i stuck it as the default browser here for Bluefish (web dev IDE, linux), and it's definitely improved my "preview wait time".

so-- i simply downloaded 1.02 win package installer. installed just fine. i guess it's just a matter of custom tweaking to deal w/ this toolbar situation? oh-- one other thing... the URL field when a new window is opened, or layer, which also opens a new window here [ i don't think it is supposed to, right?] results in the URL address field as being "dead", as in-- nothing i do causes it to move to my intended URL. so, i created a bookmark and did it that way as a work around-- obviously not a preferred method of manually getting a URL in there.

for now, i'm happy w/ the quickness w/ which i can preview stuff from bluefish (vs, firefox w/ all these bogged down extensions-- or even opera, which tends to be pretty quick...) not sure if y'all beat "dillo", but then again-- hehe.. there's very little to dillo

let me know if there's anything i can do to improve the K-meleon experience here on Fedora. i thought i saw some talk of a "for Linux" edition? or an update... i was skimming quickly....
thanks, developers! very cool.

* *** EnDoRseMeNt *** *

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Re: didnt want it to happen quite like this
Posted by: ndebord
Date: December 01, 2006 07:28AM


Look here for Fred's variation on KM 1.0.2 specifically designed for Linux. Not running Linux myself, I don't know how well this one works, but Fred is commited to it, so enjoy.,68669


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Linux-friendly version (attn. Fred)
Posted by: rmn
Date: December 01, 2006 07:31AM

Edit: Never mind, ndebord beat me to the Post button.

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Re: didnt want it to happen quite like this
Posted by: Fred
Date: December 01, 2006 08:07AM

The official version has some Problems in Linux and Wine.
So I made a variation using the macro structure of the
0.9 versions, but with the latest Gecko Engine 1.8.1 ,
called K-Meleon-Linux-usable-1.8.1 .
It has also a k-meleon.exe that Dorian made especially
for Linux use (has no autocomplete). This allows to write
into the URL bar and go to the URL by Enter. A little flaw
remains in the fact, that the address in the URL bar does
not always change to the actual address, when you click a
link, but that is not so heavy. If the Wine fonts are not
satisfactory, get some from your Windows installation, and
put them into the subfolder "fonts" in the ".wine" configuration
file. Download addresses can be found on the page for
unofficial k-meleon versions here :

Do not forget, that you need the there mentioned .dll's
in your K-Meleon main directory. If you have not got
them, download the dllinstaller from the lontronics site,
and move them after installing them in Wine to the K-Meleon
folder. The profile will be also in the main folder.
If you get an error at the second browser start,
click the button a second time, and after the start
take the hook away for "always ask" in Edit/Manage Profiles.
I hope that you get beetter results with this version.
Some remaining flaws should be tolerated for the moment.


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Re: Linux-friendly version (attn. Fred)
Posted by: ndebord
Date: December 01, 2006 07:43PM


<<Never mind, ndebord beat me to the Post button.>>

I'm in awe. Always a first time for everything I guess.



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Re: didnt want it to happen quite like this
Posted by: Fred
Date: December 02, 2006 06:32PM

to jsabarese :
If you get errors, when starting first to create your profile
in Linux, give full permissions recursively to the K-Meleon
directory and its subfolders.
Or else, rename the file profile.ini in the K-Meleon main
folder to for example profile.ini-renamed, to have K-Meleon
create a profile inside the ".wine" configuration folder
instead of creating it in the K-Meleon main folder.


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