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Profile Data Backup / maybe 00.1?
Posted by: guenter
Date: November 24, 2006 04:46AM

Lets call it "Profile Data Backup": K-Meleon 1.1 extension that can back up from a single used Profile, continously and under changing day names:
Features: added content.rdf, added and adapted code and translations as good as possible for me to serve for a K-Meleon extension.
// Netscape Type Bookmarks: ['bookmarks.html'],
// History: ['history.dat'],
// Icon Cache: ['IconCache.dat'],
// K-Meleon Download History: ['history.txt'],
// Passwords: ['signons.txt', 'key3.db', '*.s'],
// Cookies: ['cookies.txt'],
// Perms Data: ['hostperm.1'],
// Prefs: ['prefs.js'],
// macros: ['macros'], (k-meleon macros *.kmm, if You have a personal macro folder in Your profile!)
// Personal File Types Preferences: ['mimeTypes.rdf'],
// Security Stuff: ['cert8.db', 'secmod.db'],
// User specific Files: ['user.js', 'chrome/userChrome.css', 'chrome/userContent.css'],
// Opera Type Hotlist: ['opera.adr'],
// plus user chosen files from that Profile directory that is in use at the moment of the backup.

Each folder contains its own "HOW TOOW => this file (always read this file in every folder - unless You know how to get FFox extensions working!)

Copyright by the original creators of the Firefox Extension:

// Bookmark Backup 0.4.1
// By Pike
// Contributor(s):
// Nickolay Ponomarev (Multiple file backup code)
// and various translators

Adapted for use with K-Meleon 1.1 preview and maybe later.
Provided for use without warranties, or end user support, or further development of any kind!

All alterations are Copyright of K-Meleon contributors/project!

also attached at SF - see bottom.

Let us face it: I use it with my K-Meleon1.1a2_1.8.1, it works, but no promisses that it works for You. So make a manual backup of Profiles folder before You start it.

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