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building an setup K-M
Posted by: Steffen
Date: May 28, 2006 01:15PM

Hi all!

Thank you for your reply ( Guenter!

I want set up an 1.7.13 engine with the latest sources I took out of
Compiling mozilla ends up with an error but it builds the files needed for embedding
and mozilla is startable too.

I didn't get the files needed fo embedding using mingw.
But as long as I cannot compile K-M using mingw compiling mozilla using mingw
ist useless because the incompatibility of the libraries, right?

For compiling K-M using VC6, I found only the 3 years old KMeleon.dsw in the
csv. To get it working was a struggle (adding additional libs and so on) and i'm still
not shure whether I found the optimal setup. Is there a current KMeleon.dsw
available for a newby like me?

> Take a k-m 0.9 install - overwrite old files with Your newly compiled ones.
Ok, I installed the k-m 0.9 in c:\k-meleon\
When I compile the kmeleon classes I get in ..\mozilla\mozilla\dist\WIN32_o.OBJ\Embed\k-meleon.lib the files k-meleon.exe,
k-meleon.exp and k-meleon.lib.
I copy them to c:\k-meleon\, then I replace the nspr4.dll, xpcom.dll .... in
c:\k-meleon\ with the just gererated ones.

> Next delete Profiles folder to make k-m startable.
You mean delete c:\k-meleon\Profiles? Okay, done :-)
> Then delete components/ compreg.dat and xpti.dat.
hmm, I missed something, K-M crashes while starting :-(

You wrote "Chrome: best reuse that from or"
Does it mean I can leave the c:\k-meleon\chrome untouched?

Thank you for your help!


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Re: building an setup K-M
Posted by: guenter
Date: May 29, 2006 04:37AM

I can not advise about compiling. I much regret that i am not smart enough.

Several ppl especillay Dorian know about that and will find Your post.

The files deleted are ones that are regenerated during first start.

The old 0.9 exe should start under almost any condition.
k-m is modular. If You have doubt whether all files are good.
Put the used k-m.exe together with Your mozilla. and look whether the Mozilla files can start it. Also put Your new exe into a used k-m folder. That tests the components.

You will find info in forum under keywords like update.
You can update 0.9 with downloaded 1.7.x Mozillas.
that is what many ppl here do and did.

You can also edit and slim the 1.7.13 chrome Youself but since that was done recently I do not see much point in doing that time consuming job.

If You want to do it? We alter Mozilla files - ppl that know html do it.

help buttons are removed. mainly in pippki and and comm.jar
( an editor that can do: dateiübergreifendes suchen ersetzen is best )
k-m does not know how to: parent.initPanel - so that is removed from some pref
xul files that are called by macros.

Several files are edited or replaced from k-m with similar version: e. g. console.xul.
and console.js, about.xhtml.

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Re: building an setup K-M
Posted by: Steffen
Date: May 30, 2006 10:30AM

Thank you all for your input, especially günter!
I finally made it and have just one question left, probably the wrong forum, I know :-)
Who knows: the size of the libs gklayout.dll and xpcom.dll depends on?



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Re: building an setup K-M
Posted by: guenter
Date: May 31, 2006 04:09AM

No idea - but but i think they belong to core - so they are not small.

Good to hear Your 0.9 works now. Greetings to rz fh Kaiserslautern from Hannover.

Sorry that You did not get as much input as normal but we get a new browser soon
so ppl that may know did not come to forum.

1.0 will be also available in German like 0.8 and 0.9 were - freu.

p. s. kannst mir ja deinen k-m eigenbau schicken. würde mich freuen!
auf meiner hp unten ist meine mail-addi:
die seite als solche ist eher was für ältere lame wie mich ; - )

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