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Source Forge Update.
Posted by: Enaitz Jar
Date: April 02, 2006 04:17PM

I've received this by e-mail from Source Forge:


Dear User,

The team remains hard at work on enhancements to the
site and our other service offerings.

On March 13th, we launched a redesigned Software Map. This new tool
provides an excellent means for locating the software that you need, and
the feedback has been very positive. I encourage you to try it out at:

I'm also proud to announce that more than 2500 projects have opted-in
for Subversion service since it became generally available on February
21st. Information on migrating your project to Subversion may be found
in our Site Documentation at:

Enhancements to the user interface and functionality of our Search pages
remain on track for deployment in April. Whether you're an experienced
developer or a new site user, we expect the redesigned Search facilities
to improve your ability both to find software on the site and find
information in your projects.

We've not lost sight of the importance of improving reliability and
continuing upgrades to our systems. A major upgrade to the Mailman
mailing list software (used to power project mailing lists) is planned
for April, which will enable new list management functionality and
improve service reliability. Further improvements to our CVS and
Subversion services are also in-progress. Specifically, regarding CVS,
we're planning to upgrade our service based upon improvements that we've
successfully deployed as part of our Subversion offering.

Moving forward, we're giving attention to addressing the issues that
you, our users, have identified as major pain points. Our next focus is
on improving the File Release System and download experience -- details
to follow in future sitewide mailings.

Thank you for your continued support of

Jay Seirmarco
General Manager,


I'm not sure of what's this "sub version" thing about, but sounds interesting. May some of the admins (looks like a thing to be considered by Everling) want to take a look to see if this migration could benefit us in some way.

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Re: Source Forge Update.
Posted by: everling
Date: April 02, 2006 11:17PM

Thanks Enaitz.

It is something that I might be able to use, but I don't think that Subversion (SVN) is that useful for the small projects that I mostly work with. Or is it? I haven't used any form of revision control before this, so CVS or SVN seems a little bit unnecessary to me.

But it may prove useful to the developers. What do you guys think?

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