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Implementing Tab Completion in the URL bar (a la zsh)
Posted by: itsr0y
Date: April 14, 2003 03:00PM

Hey guys,
I was thinking a great feature would be to have tab completion in the URL bar, similiar to tab completion in zsh in Linux. If you are unfamiliar with zsh, it's a command shell, just like Windows9x's '' or WinNT's 'cmd.exe'. In zsh, let's say you want to change to a directory, '/home/itsr0y/flux/folder'. You can type:
cd /home/itsr0y/flux/folder
But what is even easier is:
cd /h/i/f/f<TAB>
And it will complete the rest for you. It looks for any folders that are in the form /hsomething/isomething/fsomething/fsomething and /home/itsr0y/flux/folder is the only one that fits, so it completes it for you.

Anyway, I think it would be great to have TAB completion in the URL bar. Let's say I want to go to As long as I've been there before (so it's in the history), I can just type:<TAB>
The program would then look for any urls starting with km, followed by some letters, follwed by .sf then something, followed by .net then something, then /down then something. If there are multple matches, let's say and, it will open a dropdown box so that the user can see the possibilities, as well as completing what is common to both and putting the cursor where the difference occurs (right before ".php").

Anyway, this is the end goal, even just having to hit tab after every part (after the km, and after the down would be a good start.

What I'm asking is if anyone has any ideas on how to implement this. I really haven't done any programming for anything other than small programs, so I have a lot to learn, but if anyone could direct me as to what files to edit, and the general idea of what has to be done, that would be great.


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