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k-meleon on TheOpenCD
Posted by: Tzafrir Cohen
Date: February 17, 2003 06:45PM


Please have a look at

This is a project to create a CD with high-quality free windows programs. I believe that KM is such a program, but aparantly some of the others think otherwise.

Anybody here wants to convince them? (in a constructive way, that is!)

Probably by nominating the program, and giving good reasons why it should also be included in addition to mozilla .

Also keep in mind that the target of that project is to provide programs that are easy to install. Maybe provide a package of KM that is "featureful" out-of-the-box? That is: more plugins are turned on by defaults, and better default keyboard bindings.

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Re: k-meleon on TheOpenCD
Posted by: Raztro
Date: February 19, 2003 03:25AM

Beonex?! LMFAO!

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Re: k-meleon on TheOpenCD
Posted by: James
Date: February 20, 2003 08:49PM

My first instinct, was to email the creators of that CD, and add my 2 cents. But after looking at their list of software, and what did and didn't make the list, I'm not really dissapointed KM isn't in there.

One has to wonder what their selection criteria was for the software on the CD.

I mean, they have Open Office AND that Abby word POS. Redundant?

About Abby. It's probably a good idea, but is not actively developed, 3/5 USA windows dl links didn't work, and it crashed immediately after trying to open my first MS-Word doc with it. I guess development and stability didn't play into their decision.

I like the idea of this CD, but think they're going about it all wrong. I don't think KM is missing anything by not being included.


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Re: k-meleon on TheOpenCD
Posted by: Tzafrir Cohen
Date: February 21, 2003 02:03AM

IIRC what tipped the balance was, as I said above, was that KM is not "good enough" out of the box. Anyway, has anybody nominated KM (using the nimination form)?

Regarding AbiWord: my expeirience is certainly different than yours. It is also actively developed: version 1.1.x). Also consider the fact that AbiWord loads *much* faster than OpenOffice. Its Word-import library is available as a seperate project (WVWare). It has a command-line tool to convert word docs to HTML files, among others.

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AbiWord, was: Re: k-meleon on TheOpenCD
Posted by: Klaartje
Date: February 24, 2003 09:04AM

AbiWord looks nice... if only it would support tables, and wouldn't crash on zoom almost every time :-/

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Re: k-meleon on TheOpenCD
Posted by: Ismo
Date: February 24, 2003 11:36PM

Jeremy Davis has the most up to date AbiWord builds for windows.
If you look at the latest nightly head builds there is a
development version which has experimental table
support. It isn't stable yet. Tables are eventually going to happen
for the stable branch. AbiWord is very unique open source
program because it supports very many languages and
operating systems. It is very nice MS Word clone without
the bloat and with the basic WP features in a user friendly
and familiar GUI. I hope that the latest development build is
less prone for crashing.

Look at for plugins and
nightly builds link.

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