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To the author of the Layers plugin...
Posted by: MonkeeSage
Date: January 19, 2003 03:00PM

Could you add a function to close a layer by title or url, or add an (optional?) second argument for title / url, to the layers(Close) function?

I'm opening a fixed number of windows for a session macro that loads 5 windows, even if I haven't filled all 5 session 'slots' with URLs yet, so... the macro ends up opening a blank layer for each time I haven't set the user pref it was expecting to read from. It would be nifty if I could call pluginmsg(layers, "Close", ""), or pluginmsg(layers, "Close", "K-Meleon"), to get rid of the excess blank layers at the end of the macro.

If you don't have the time, or it is too much of a pain, don't sweat it, I can mabye figure out a way to check how many are set with a macro and load only the set user prefs or something like that...

Thanks for making a great plugin and helping to make k-Meleon the best browser I've ever used! grinning smiley



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Re: To the author of the Layers plugin...
Posted by: Ismo
Date: January 19, 2003 05:50PM

I read that asmpgmr had filed a rfe for $TITLE variable to get the page title.
That would be very useful addition. I wish that there were also a way to get
the active layer's/window's number (or id). I can move to the first, last,
previous, next or numbered layer but I don't know many layers there are or
what is the current layer's number/id.

$TITLE would help but many windows/ layers could have the same title (as these forum pages show ;-)

I am a big fan of macros and find layers very useful. Customizing and
sensible defaults are the way to go!

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