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I Like Macros!!!
Posted by: TheWebDevGuy
Date: September 26, 2002 06:47AM


I'm finally ready to ask the question:
What else can we do? But I also thought I'd start some suggestions too...

When I got excited about ConTEXT I decided to take the time and develop a bunch of macros...

They were mostly internal stuff that we use here at Toydrum but some of it was generic stuff like inserting if statements and while loops etc... Anyway...

It wasn't until I did that that I realized how much I use the keyboard.

Not long after that I ran LiteStep for a while completly keboard driven (That was especially helpful because I'd broken my right arm at the elbow and couldn't really use my mouse much...)

I stated documenting the key shortcuts I didn't know...

I even stated navigating CoolEdit Pro without a mouse!!!
I've found a few things that are missing from the IE and NS interfaces I was used to as I move into uncharted watters with K but I'm excited that I can program these back into the interface and I know that there are more interface programmers that notice these things so I hope to start a repository thread so that these Macros can easily be submited as they are created and we can surpass the functionality of our previous browser incarnations... :-D

So... Here is the thread and I'll be poisting my mods in a day or two and also I'll be scowering the rest of this forum and try to compile those as well...

NOTE: Version numbers are important for backwards compatability...
Yours Truly,

a.k.a. Rodney Giles
Chief Engineering Architect
Toydrum Web & Media

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Re: I Like Macros!!!
Posted by: Sesh
Date: September 26, 2002 04:34PM
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