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Plugin Architecture & Future Devlopment
Posted by: TheWebDevGuy
Date: September 25, 2002 08:21PM

K uses the same basic concepts of plugins that made wiamp so powerful. I see K using the same basic Idea of input/output plugins as well as general porpose plugins and interface plugins...

If this architecture is used I see a lot of flexability possible.

I really see K taking over the Intranet market if you can get the power out of K. IMO K should be an application host that can be customized to fit the needs of each application.

The problem with rebel browsers has always been getting them out in front of the business and consumer world. As great developer our job is to create a supperior product.


I've spent 30 minutes with K and I'm already convinced that the world needs to switch! You've convinced one of the greatest critics...

The main problem is how to get the rest of the world to see this. Because most of us are not code-fluent developers...

So what do we do?

Add a front end for some easy options and make it easy to add and remove macros and scripts...

But beyond that the power is in hosting Intranet and Internet 'weblications'

If you can't do this the browser isn't good enough!

IMO that's all...

I'm just doing what I do best, strategic development planning...

Yours Truly,

a.k.a. Rodney Giles
Chief Engineering Architect
Toydrum Web & Meida

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