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Posted by: Fuzzy
Date: September 25, 2002 06:57PM

Is there any chance that you'd ever release a stripped down mail app?
Actually package it as a different executable (so the resource bloat that Moz suffers from doesnt happen)
It would be quite cool, because I love Moz mail, but I am looking for alternatives right nwo, for the same reason I found KM, it's just too slow.

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Re: KMaileon?
Posted by: TheWebDevGuy
Date: September 25, 2002 08:10PM

I agree...

This should really go in the features request topic. Maybe a mod could move it I don't know...

What I would like to see is an application with multiple themes including Menu and Toolbar configurations but also multiple views including email and other popular protocols (IM, News, Chat, Media Streams, etc...)

What I love about K-Meleon is it's scalability I don't want to see anything change about that. Perhaps K-Meleon can use protocol plugins as well as other plugins...

Your's Truly,

a.k.a. Rodney Giles
Chief Engineering Architect
Toydrum Web & Media

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Re: KMaileon?
Posted by: Jason Foss
Date: September 25, 2002 08:27PM

It would be nice, but there is just one problem.

Mozilla created an api to allow developers to embed the gecko engine into their programs (which is what K-Meleon uses), but as far as I am aware, there is no such api for the mail program.

Looks like Mozilla is talking about creating a seperate mail application, but at this point it seems to be just talk.

When Mozilla first started, I was hoping they were going to modularize the browser, so each component could be broken out of it easily. This does not seem to be the case at the moment.

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