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My K-Meleon 0.6.5-beta opinion
Posted by: Keith
Date: September 25, 2002 06:40AM

Hello. I hope this is the right place for this message.

I successfully installed the beta a few days ago and I wanted to say that it's pretty nice. As usual, it's small and fast. I guess one could configure it endlessly, but I'm too lazy and scared by the apparent complexity of macros. However, I do have some criticisms (constructive ones of course):
1. Not really a problem with K-Meleon, but I liked the old installer better. The new installer looks like Windows Installer and I don't know about anybody else, but I associate Windows Installer with a slow, disk-churning, computer-freezing proverbial nightmare.
2. Why is K-Meleon 0.6.5 being based on Mozilla 1.1? Shouldn't it be based on the stable 1.0.1? Because 1.0.1 gets all the bug fixes, but 1.1 gets new features (that I'd assume would be useless in a XUL-less browser) and the API's aren't guaranteed to be stable. Also in related news, I noticed that K-Meleon says an XML document I have isn't well-formed, but it works fine in K-Meleon 0.6, Mozilla 1.2 Alpha, and Opera 6.05 (works best in Mozilla because of the level of CSS support). The document doesn't work in IE, but was there any doubt?
3. My bookmark keywords don't work in K-Meleon.
4. URL bar issues; namely, no URL autocompletion.
5. Extremely minor: no link toolbar and no stylesheet-selection mechanism. Very few sites use these, but they're cool.
6. Even more minor: no context menu in the layers toolbar.

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Re: My K-Meleon 0.6.5-beta opinion
Posted by: Ublis
Date: October 07, 2002 01:39PM

1. I prefer the new installer. It's pretty and I'm a shallow person, judging software by its looks.

2. From my experience with Mozilla 1.1 (I use it on a regular basis), it's stable. I crashed Mozilla 1.0 in the first few minutes I used it (which isn't to say it crashed due to problems in the bits that K-Meleon uses), haven't crashed 1.1 yet. Obviously this is just the opinion of one user. But your point about Mozilla 1.2 being better than 1.1 kinda says they should use the very latest possible, not 1.0. smiling smiley

4. Touch typist, I don't notice that kind of things smiling smiley. But I suppose it's a handy feature.

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Re: My K-Meleon 0.6.5-beta opinion
Posted by: jsnj
Date: October 07, 2002 05:05PM

>no context menu in the layers toolbar<

There is one but it requires a download and menu entry named "LayerButtonPopup" from this page:

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Re: My K-Meleon 0.6.5-beta opinion
Posted by: Sikosis
Date: October 28, 2002 04:40AM

The new installer is good, however, both 0.6 and 0.65 crash constantly on my WinXP machine.

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Re: My K-Meleon 0.6.5-beta opinion
Posted by: Andrew
Date: October 28, 2002 04:47AM


Can you provide some details on when and how it is crashing? I've used just about every beta on WinXP without any problems.

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