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July 5, 2002 Development Update
Posted by: Andrew
Date: July 06, 2002 02:56AM

I'm very happy to report that Mark has fixed the SSL bug in Mozilla. The code has already been checked into the K-Meleon source and we have started our testing to ensure that it handles all SSL cases. This was the last blocking bug for release to K-Meleon 0.7 This means that we are now starting the process for releasing K-Meleon 0.7

The following outlines the steps that need to take place before the release of K-Meleon 0.7

1) Continued testing by developers to ensure that the downloading and SSL bugs are really fixed.

2) Developers will create another 0.6.5 beta for a final round of testing. It's possible that this beta will be released publicly. If you are signed up for the developers list, you will get an announcement when this is available. We may release several betas to ensure that all of the bugs are worked out.

3) While that testing is taking place, we will also be preparing our documentation for the release.

4) When all of the testing has been completed and the developers are satisfied that the code is ready for a public release, K-Meleon 0.7 will be released publicly on the site.

To ensure that we have the best possible release, ir is important for beta testers to thoroughly test out K-Meleon and let us know on any problems.

We're almost there!


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Re: July 5, 2002 Development Update
Posted by: Julian
Date: July 06, 2002 06:26AM

Wow, that's two big steps within a week. I already got used to the thought that I'd have to wait longer for 0.7, but now it doesn't seem to be far away anymore. Congrats.

To the KM team: Thanks for creating a nice piece of software. KM0.6 was already good and stable enough to become my primary Win browser - and it looks like 0.7 most certainly will fix the very few issues it's predecessor had. I've recommended it to several friends and most of them are satisfied with it too.

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Re: July 5, 2002 Development Update
Posted by: Al.
Date: July 06, 2002 01:31PM

And just when we were getting used to waiting just that little bit longer...

There's one thing for sure: with the SSL and the download dialogue bugs gone, plus the previous problems 0.6 had with Automatic Proxy Configuration URLs fixed as well, 0.7 should be the most complete and solid K-Meleon release yet. Definately worth the wait.

Now I wonder if all those who made grand announcements about giving up on K-Meleon because they were impatient will come flocking back to these forums? ;-)

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Re: July 5, 2002 Development Update
Posted by: Mark
Date: July 13, 2002 02:26AM

Great news. Thanks to the KM team; your browser is the cat's pyjamas. I really appreciate the work you & the beta testers have put into this project.

FWIW, I finally tried Mozilla 1.0. Tabbed browsing is nice, but the uncustomizable toolbars & assorted chrome just take up space. I'll stick with KM.

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Re: July 5, 2002 Development Update
Posted by: JanC
Date: July 13, 2002 05:47AM

but the uncustomizable toolbars & assorted chrome

In fact Mozilla's chrome is highly customizable, but it's not really easy to do...

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Re: July 5, 2002 Development Update
Posted by: John
Date: July 17, 2002 01:20AM


I agree. The default Mozilla themes are pretty bad. If you still have Mozilla installed, you should check out some of the downloadable themes, accessible from the View menu under Appy Themes--> Get New Themes.

I am kinda partial to:

(small in both the memory it takes up as well as the amount of screen)

(prettier than lo-fi, and takes up about the same amount of screen)

(bigger than the other two, kinda bloated, but neat looking)

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Posted by: SPAM
Date: February 22, 2006 06:41PM


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