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July 1, 2002 Development Update
Posted by: Andrew
Date: July 01, 2002 05:36PM

As some of you are aware, we have resolved our downloading bug. This bug came upa and was resolved since the last development update was posted. That means that we have only one outstanding Mozilla bug remaining:

If you haven't voted for that yet, please do so. Please do not spam the bugs with "K-Meleon needs this fixed!" They already know that.

While we have been waiting on these bugs getting resolved, we have continued to update the underlying Mozilla code. We also have been cleaning up the K-Meleon code and squashing more bugs in the process.

Our developers have also been busy continuing to refine and enhance the plugins, especially the Bookmarks, Favorites and Macros. If you use any of these plugins in 0.6, you'll see much improvement when 0.7 is released. If you would like to assist with coding or other aspects of the project, please see this link:

for more info. on getting involved.

Once the Mozilla bug is fixed, expect to see the 0.7 release shortly after that.,

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Re: July 1, 2002 Development Update
Posted by: Coco Player
Date: July 02, 2002 03:21PM


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