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building moz/km with GNU make
Posted by: rob
Date: March 09, 2002 11:24AM


I am currently posting this with Mozilla's WIN-GMAKE build 0.9.9+ :-)
Did you all realize that there is now a (IMO) better way to compile and link than using microsoft's nmake, namely using gmake (GNU make) instead?

You do NOT need these extra software anymore: WinCVS, ActivePerl, Info-ZIP. Just install the Cygwin environment, which is a must-have anyway if you are a developer on windows and don't want to limit yourself on microsoft based applications.



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Re: building moz/km with GNU make
Posted by: Tzafrir Cohen
Date: March 24, 2002 11:40PM

Hi rob

I'm not a Microsoft dependency patriot myself, but you seem to ignore a certain point. Even if gmake is used instead of nmake (which may mean a lot of effort by the author) the compiler used is microsoft C++ compiler.

If you want to port K-Meleon to use gcc (or maybe ming, I'm notsure): go ahead, it's free software and the source is available.I figure that you'll also have the task of convincing others that switching a compiler is a good idea ;-)

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Re: building moz/km with GNU make
Posted by: rob.
Date: March 30, 2002 11:43PM


what you probably didn't know is that the final Mozilla 1.0 and all other coming Windows releases will be built exclusively using gmake/autoconf, in order to getting "one step closer to a one-build-system world".


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