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Menu background color
Posted by: Dan Christensen
Date: January 27, 2002 08:58AM

I noticed that the menus were drawing funny under Windows XP. I assumed that the menus were owner drawn, so I downloaded the source code and took a look at it. The problem is that the menu backgrounds are filled with COLOR_3DFACE instead of COLOR_MENU. Most of the time these colors are the same but they can be modified independantly and in WinXP they are set to two different colors by default.

I didn't feel like setting up the build environment but I thought that I would at least let someone know about the problem. The relevant code is located in: kmeleon\bmp_menu\bmp_menu.cpp in the DrawMenuItem() function. The background is filled via a call to FillRect() within the first 20 lines of code (I don't think that I have the most up to date source code so it probably wouldn't do any good to give a line number). The COLOR_3DFACE is also used in the DrawBitmap() function in a call to ImageList_DrawEx which blends the color with the bitmap to produce a "disabled" look.

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Re: Menu background color
Posted by: sven
Date: January 28, 2002 06:47PM

Oh, that explains why I get messed up disabled items on some color schemes I use.

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