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nightly builds / betas
Posted by: Brock
Date: January 07, 2002 10:14AM

Hi everyone
Can I download betas of future releases or nightly builds of K-meleon from anywhere? Cant wait to get the latest release ;-). Also when is the next release likely to come out?


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Re: nightly builds / betas
Posted by: Andrew
Date: January 07, 2002 03:23PM


There aren't any nightly builds currently available. Usually, pre-release builds come out a couple weeks in advance of the latest release for feature and bug testing. The best thing to do is get on the developers mailing list as those are where they are announced. It's fairly low volume.

No date set on the next release. The plan was to build on Mozilla 0.9.7 so things should be happening soon.


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Re: nightly builds / betas
Posted by: Fulvio Perini
Date: January 18, 2002 04:39AM

I would like to get on the developer's beta testing list. I have not been getting anywhere with the Mozilla nightlies,to the point that I am getting paranoid. I need some fresh air,and I like it here,in spite of some oddities.

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