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'Back' button/function missing
Posted by: rich
Date: December 10, 2001 05:22PM

I was 'missing' the IE-style back button ... , until I browsed this forum and found the drop-down list feature was a 'hidden' function of the K-Meleon 'back' button.

I like the feature, but dislike the fact that it's not obvious from looking at the toolbar. I'd like to see an IE-style 'down' arrow added to the 'back' button.

As a design principle, I favor a one-button, one-function approach; I'm opposed to tying multiple functions to a button. (Note the 'Back' button is the only one on the toolbar to have a right-click function.)

FYI, I'm using three different browsers at the moment and I admit to being over 40 and not as bright as I used to be. Simplicity and visual clues are important ease-of-use factors for me. Before you start poking fun at me, let me conclude by saying I recently retired after 25+ years in the computer industry and have had an opportunity to see how 'real' people use -- or, more accurately, fail to use -- computers. It's been a real eye-opener.


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Re: 'Back' button/function missing
Posted by: Brian
Date: December 10, 2001 06:32PM

the lack of a down arrow wasn't really a design decision as much as it was a design accident smiling smiley

to get technical, the problem comes from the way we dynamically generate the buttons based on the toolbar config file. We couldn't really come up with an ultra sexy way to code it in, so we left it out for now.

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Re: 'Back' button/function missing
Posted by: jeroen roeterd
Date: December 21, 2001 07:45AM

I must say I like the rightclick option on the icons.
It adds functionality but does not clutter op the iconbar.
Don't change it.


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