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read it..
Posted by: ori malkin
Date: October 22, 2000 06:50PM

As all of us can clearly see, Christophe can't handle updating k-meleon constantly.

I don't blame him or anything.. hes got work and all..

it's was a great start, but i'm sure we all want this project/app to become usable enough so it chould be used as a main browser..

btw.. there is a project for linux - email client based on gecko..

Why won't everybody who know how to program well(not me..) will unite with Christophe and k-meleon would live long and prosper..


like pulp used to say, "it's for the common people!!"

Christophe, please respond..

when will winamp 3 beta will be out??
will there be an alpha?

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RE: read it..
Posted by: Vic
Date: October 28, 2000 07:56PM

I agree ori...

I can't say how many times I have cursed IE for being such a memory hog or cursed Netscape for crashing at a particular visually intensive site (I am running a P3 667mhz w/ 128 ram and Geforce2 vid card). K-Meleon would solve this problem. Someone elsewhere suggested putting K-Meleon on SourceForge which I think is a good idea because it would definately speed up development in order to get an updated version of K-Meleon rolling out every few weeks. Version .1 is a great browser but without constant dev I'm afraid people might lose interest and move on to a different browser.. thats just how I feel. Thanks for your time, adios.


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RE: read it..
Posted by: siege
Date: November 02, 2000 11:06PM

Ver .1 isn't really usable, it's just a demonstration of a possiblity. A possibility that, unfortunately, might pass on.


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