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Version .2
Posted by: Gene Barnes
Date: September 19, 2000 02:29PM


Loved the .1 version of this browser and I am curious when you think .2 will be released?

Great job and thanks for the choice,

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RE: Version .2
Posted by: digusted user
Date: October 03, 2000 06:25AM

Dont tell me you have had so much sex again.
We want the next version !!!!!!!!!!!!

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RE: Version .2
Posted by: Gryphon
Date: October 06, 2000 03:50PM

Come on guy, get on the stick with version 2! This has the potential to be the best browser going... but only if you finish it.

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RE: Version .2
Posted by: DebtAngel
Date: October 06, 2000 07:16PM

You have to know that there's a time for sex, and a time to release version 0.2 of an awesome Mozilla based browser. It's all about balance.

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RE: Version .2
Posted by: Mark Howard
Date: October 09, 2000 08:18PM

Can't you at least release a buggy development version before the long awaited 0.2 release. Mozilla has nightly builds, so perhaps weekly builds?

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RE: Version .2
Posted by: Junkkser
Date: January 22, 2001 01:31AM

This browser is amazing, if you released a version .2, this would be the BEST browser available. it is alreayd waty faster than any other broser i've tried using, just a little buggier. If you could get rid of some of the bugs and release teh next version, you would have the best broser ever.

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