VWCL library
Posted by: Doug Hanley
Date: September 02, 2000 09:00AM

I was checking out the VWCL library, and on the site it said that the samples they had were only for window NT and windows 2000, and would certainly fail if tried on window 9x. Does this apply for all applications written with it? (which I assume will soon include KMeleon)

RE: VWCL library
Posted by: Mike Strock
Date: September 02, 2000 10:35AM

I don't know about K-Meleon, because I haven't seen the version with VWCL instead of MFC, but VWCL applications most certainly work with Win95 and Win98. Todd (the maintainer/creator of a lot of the VWCL library) has made sure that there is compatibility with Win95/Win98 as well as NT and Win2000.

RE: VWCL library
Posted by: me
Date: September 26, 2000 07:41AM

Where can I find VWCL library?

RE: VWCL library
Posted by: zack
Date: October 13, 2000 08:38PM


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