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Are you looking for development help?
Date: August 24, 2000 03:25AM

I think the title says it all - I've been wanting to find the free time to do something like this ever since I first saw/used Galeon. I can do Win32/MFC/ATL.. you name it.

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RE: Are you looking for development help?
Date: September 06, 2000 01:12AM

I would like to add my name to the list, if you are looking for developers. I have been writing Windows apps since 1986 (Win v2.x). I can also write in Win32/MFC/ATL. If you need skin support see my winSkin page (

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RE: Are you looking for development help?
Posted by: Priest
Date: January 26, 2001 11:36AM
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RE: Are you looking for development help?
Posted by:
Date: January 26, 2001 09:50PM

Well, I'd like to push the development of Kmeleon a bit forward, as Christiophe, the original author doesn't seem to have a lot of time for further development.
The source code is in the sourceforge CVS and can be checked out. Unfortunately Sourceforge has some permission problems and I don't have write access, so I can't currently commit any changes. A list of things that could be done follows:
Bugs (in descending priority)
- Allow configuration of *all* ctrl-<char> combinations for commands
(e.g. ctrl-n for open in new window)
FIX AVAILABLE: Edit kmeleon.rc to have ID_FILE_NEWWINDOW instead of
ID_FILE_NEW as accelerator id
- Closing "master" window, closes the whole app
- Allow basic authentication
(? or 61669) (we seem to have one patch for this one)
- Allow ctrl-c, ctrl-v, ctrl-x in textfields
- navigating with forward/back before the site finished loading loads to wrong display
(2 pages on top of each other)
- Links in the >> drop down menu don't work (in the link toolbar)
- Uninstall fails with message: "An error occurred while trying to uninstall k-meleon
(remove only). It may have already been uninstalled."
- Wheelmouse scrolling often goes forward/back in history
- not all Favorites are 'imported' by K-Meleon
(implimentation is case-sensitive, i.e. Shortcuts with '.URL' opposed to '.url' won't work)
- percentage of document loaded sometimes wrong (>100%)
Mozillas responsibility:
- Fix keyboard navigation in textfields (important!)
- Several Kmeleon0.21 crashes which are already fixed in the nightlies

Features (in more or less descending priority)
- Provide uninstall.exe (trivial), because people are constantly complaining
(which annoys *me* and makes it high priority :-)
- ability to download files
- Add view source menu entry to show the html source
(in system specific application for .txt files)
- Hook up mailto:, telnet: and ftp: URIs to use the system specific
applications for these URIs
- using system specific MIME applications for files
- Open local files doesn't work on some systems
- UI to edit proxy config
- Allow printing
- save images
- manage bookmarks (delete, add, reorganize)
- cookie support
- hotkey to put the focus in the address bar and highlight the current URL
(so you can type in a new one)
- right click and keyboard shortcut option for "open link in background"
(open new window not on top)
- Start URL via command line
- Full screen kiosk mode
- Add greek & russion character sets?
- hebrew support
(a menu, where you have to specify the fonts you want or something will be enough?!)
Mozillas(?) responsibility:
- Add Flash support (or more general: mozilla plugin support)

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RE: Are you looking for development help?
Posted by: Brian Harris
Date: January 27, 2001 12:41AM

Add to that:
allow selecting menu items using on right mouse up. this is actually a problem with BCG. You can see the problem by holding down the right mouse button, the menu will come up, but you can't select anything until you lift the right mouse button. The way it should work is like in netscape 4, you hold down the button, select an item, then lift the button.

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RE: Are you looking for development help?
Posted by:
Date: January 27, 2001 01:36AM

That's a good one, I added
- Allow selecting context menu items while right mouse button is still pressed
to my list. I am still waiting for Sourceforge checkin permission and I sent a mail to Christophe if he'll allow me to add new developers to the project list, so that you can actually commit patches yourself.
Hopefully more to come, it would be a pitty to let the development of this really mean browsers rot...

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RE: Are you looking for development help?
Posted by:
Date: January 27, 2001 03:10AM

Well, Christophe hasn't answered yet. But he sounded willing to take new developers for the code.

So if you want to participate actively in the development, you can send me an email to me ( or write to the mailinglist
( which I just created for development discussions.

If you want to subscribe to the mailinglist you can do so here:

I need some code gurus, I am not one myself!

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