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M18 Gecko?
Posted by: Julius X
Date: August 22, 2000 11:45PM

As-is, K-Meleon is wonderful...but I was curious, how difficult would it be to integrate the M18 Gecko code?

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RE: M18 Gecko?
Posted by: Christophe
Date: August 23, 2000 05:10AM

It's really easy, just build K-Meleon againt M18 and it should compile fine. I used to test it with M18 but released K-Meleon with M17 as M18 is not yet a milestone.

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RE: M18 Gecko?
Posted by: Moses Lei
Date: September 24, 2000 02:36AM

So the downloadable binary's built against M17 API, right? I'm running a nightly Mozilla here, which I guess has a bit different of an API seeing that if I try to run k-meleon, it instantly crashes on "module <unknown>".

Would anyone be able to spare the time to compile a binary linked with M18 and make it available? This way it will be easier to test gecko without loading all the chrome stuff that Mozilla loads. It is really quite hard to get compile tools if you don't program windows for a living...

BTW, what's behind the name K-Meleon?


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