Way to make SetDefault.exe work
Posted by: Geprge Hall
Date: February 17, 2014 09:57AM

SetDefault.exe works better when kmeleon.exe or SetDefault.esxe is running in adminstrator mode. Becuase SetDefault.exe allways registers thh file extensions

ISetDefault.exe or kmeleon.exe is not runnung in adminstrator mode then Firfox and Chrome browser prevent you from registering file extensons unless you unregister K-Meleon from the all prpgrams menu and then register it from inisde or outside the browser.

That is a drwan ouit way to register file extensions.

However, even in admonistrator mode the protocols FTP, HTTPm and HTTPS do not register K-Meleon as the default browser.

Re: Way to make SetDefault.exe work
Posted by: Geprge Hall
Date: February 17, 2014 10:04AM

I think the problem with SetDefult.exe in versions of Windows above Windows XP Sericce Pack 3 is that their new security settings and features are preventing SetDefault.exe from making soem registry settings under certain conditions.

Re: Way to make SetDefault.exe work
Posted by: Geprge Hall
Date: February 17, 2014 02:59PM

I did some edtting on kmprefs and got SetDefault.exe to register the file extnsions everytime in k-Meleon 74Beta2.

The changes I made are below:

1. In prefs.js i got rid of kpath function and replaced all the "CurProcD" with "GreD" including macros folder.
2. In pref-browsing.xul remove every element related to DefaultBrowser.js using the method in thhe SetDefault Function from K-Meleon 1.6.
3. In pref-appearance.xul, I replaced "CurProcD" with "GreD" for the ocoales location.
3. In pref-kmacros.xul, I repalced "CurProcD" with "GreD".

For some reason it seems that my changes chnages to kmorefs makes using SetDefault.exe in the browser preferences sets K-Meleon 74 Beta2 as the Default Browser for all thise extensions

Re: Way to make SetDefault.exe work
Posted by: George Hall
Date: February 18, 2014 09:38AM

It appears that SetDefault.exe works in conjuction with kmorefs. Changes in kprefs affect how well SeTDefault.exe works.

Before I made thos changes to kmorefs did not always set as K-Meleon the Default Browser for all the extensions using the browser preferences,

I think "CurProcd" stop working in Windows Later than Windows XP Service Pack 3 becuase later Windows Version change what it meant or how it worked in Windpws.

SetDefault.exe works better with K-Meleon 74 Beta2 when "CurProcD" is replaced with "GreD" in files that use "CurProcD" in kmorefs contents.

In pref-browsing.xul lines have to removed, changed, and SetDefault Function needs to added with "CurProcD" replaced with "GreD"

One line that needs to changed or SetDefault will not work is

<button id="defbtn" label="&DefaultBrowser.set;" oncommand="defBrowser.set()"/>

needs to be placed with

<button label="&DefaultBrowser.set;" oncommand="Browsing.setDefault()"/>

because id="defbtn" and oncommand="defBrowser.set()" both cause problems with SetDefault.exe running.

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