K-Meleon db+ types download!
Posted by: dugbugoffice3
Date: January 26, 2014 11:05AM

The download page for the K-Meleon db+ types
and FireFox3 profile replacement file is at:


And the notes / Help file is at:

K-Meleon 1.6-db-NS

K-Meleon 1.7-db

***Note I fixed the tab bug it had the only way I found to.
Also you will need to turn off the flash block when on video sites
it will lock up when you watch many videos.
It needs a FlashBlock update!

The 1.7 db type I view as unsafe, the internet has changed
too much since it was made!

1.6 db NS has NoScript and with the page colors turned off
gets a 13 on the security test. http://www.browserscope.org
That is not bad, it's 1 point higher than FF26 on the test!

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