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Add Quick Compressed Backup Menu
Posted by: Wasi
Date: December 19, 2012 12:37AM

I just made a small script to create compressed (WinRar) backup on ONE click, with auto-Date and Auto Number.
You can create as many backups as you want. All backups will have the current date and a serial number.
1- create a file in the K-Meleon macro folder with the name of "profback.kmm"
copy paste these lines to that file and save:
# K-Meleon Macros (

# ----------profile(s) backup/restoration---------------------------------------------------------------------------


exec($_tool_path."\\ProfBack.bat ");

setmenu(profile_page, popup, "Quick Backup");
setmenu("Quick Backup",macro,"Backup Profile",profileback);
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2- Create a text file in K-Meleon\tools folder with the name "ProfBack.bat" and copy paste this code in that file then save:
<path to winrar folder>\WinRAR.exe a -DH -agYYYYMMDD-NN -md4096 -m5 -s -ts -r -ep1 <path to K-Meleon folder>\profilebackup\KM.rar <path to K-Meleon folder>\Profiles\ -x*.lock
Edit <path to K-Meleon folder> and <path to winrar folder> in "ProfBack.bat" in order to make correct path as in your installation. Example of what I use is as follows:
D:\Tools\Archiver\WinRar\WinRAR.exe a -DH -agYYYYMMDD-NN -md4096 -m5 -s -ts -r -ep1 D:\Tools\Net\K-Meleon\profilebackup\KM.rar D:\Tools\Net\K-Meleon\Profiles\ -x*.lock

Hope this little effort help.
NOTE1: credit goes to the author of profilebackup.kmm, from which I exracted somelines.
NOTE2: I couldns find out a way to attach a file or to add a screenshot directly so beside my wish I couldnt attach a zip file that include all above

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Re: Add Quick Compressed Backup Menu
Posted by: JujuLand
Date: December 20, 2012 07:53AM

Why use a proprietary program instead of a free program ?
Why use Winrar instead of 7Zip which is very efficient and free ?

I remember that K-Meleon is free, and I think it's a pity not to use free programs with it ...


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