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How can I see the downloaded files?
Posted by: BET0ET0
Date: March 19, 2012 05:52PM

just that

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Re: How can I see the downloaded files?
Posted by: Chanson Yu
Date: March 20, 2012 01:18AM

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Re: How can I see the downloaded files?
Posted by: JujuLand
Date: March 21, 2012 11:51AM

Chanson, you're right, but I think that BETOETO wants to open the folder the same way we can do it with firefox.

For that, if, like you said, the folders must to be set, you can use this macro to add entries in Configuration menu to view these folder entries.

It's an old extension I made there is a long time. I have had some problems which were due to some change of the menu entry which was Confi&guration, and is now C&onfiguration. Dont forget if the manu isn't like I found it to modify it in the macro file.

Its name is OpenDir.kmm and must be located in K-Meleon\macros

== beginning end of the file =========================================

# K-Meleon Macros (

# ---------- Open Download Dir and Save Dir ---------------------------
# Dependencies : -
# Resources : -
# Preferences : -
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------


# ---------- General --------------------------------------------------

exec("explorer.exe \"".$_OpenDir_Download."\"");

exec("explorer.exe \"".$_OpenDir_Page."\"");

# ---------- PRIVATE --------------------------------------------------

# edit menu
setmenu("C&onfiguration",macro,"Open Do&wnload Dir",OpenDir_Download,-1);
setmenu("C&onfiguration",macro,"Open Sa&ved Pages Dir",OpenDir_Page,-1);


# ---------------------------------------------------------------------

== end of the file =====================================================

As you can see, due to an ole capacity of K-Meleon, we have two possibilities to save things: download or pages.

In a few number of last versions, there is no more this choice, saved pages and downloads are located in the same folder.

In fact, in 1.6.0, and others I think, the prefs exists to allow it, if you open Configuration > Browser configuration, and enter the word download, you can see and set these prefs: is set is unset, and you can set it

You can also set the folder in :

The manual parameter for is kept until you use Preference to set it for


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