Any chance to add cachefixer in KM1.6 by default?
Posted by: siria
Date: July 03, 2011 05:07PM

Just fiddled again endlessly with that ten year old gecko bug, that it deletes the whole cache after a crash, it's really incredible they do nothing about it all that time:

But that great cachefixer workaround still works fine in KM1.6b2!
If I read it right, all it does is remove that "dirty cache" flag in the cache_map at startup. Funnily the error console doesn't report it anymore (like it did in KM154), and I have no entries in about:config, currently yet it works.

Just needs adding "cachefixer.js" in components, deleting the 2 *.dat files, and it seems the browser needs at least 1-2 clean shutdowns before it starts working (??), but then it finally does. The older cache is kept, only the new entries of last session are forgotten, although it seems to me some files (especially images) are still there, just their random name is not connected anymore in the cachemap or something??

Anyway, after deleting cachefixer.js, then crashing KM, the cache is completely EMPTY again, as soon as opening the first WEB page (not local page). So that thing definitely has the desired effect smiling smiley Not all is rescued, but most, hundred times better than nothing if on dialup or an expensive or extremely slow holiday connection, like nearly 1euro/MB on swiss mobile net.

Although I haven't tried the pref in KM1.6 yet, there belongs one to it:
browser.cache.disk.cache_fixer_debug (BOOL)

Couldn't it be at least included, whether the default setting may be true or false, with a switch somewhere? Perhaps in prefs sheet for cache settings, but even if only as a hidden setting, to be toggled in about:config only, that would be great!
If you don't want it for yourself, because you are on a fast and cheap connection and don't have to waste lots of money and time and nerves yourself, like less fortunate users, it still wouldn't hurt anyone to include that fixer as inactive by default. The default behaviour would be the same as if it were not there at all, so why not...

Edit: Have tested that pref setting now. It seems to have no effect at all :-/ Meaning the fixer works always, regardless that setting.

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